Monday, July 5, 2010

Killing you with spice!

There is nothing more American than eating on the 4th of July and by that rational there is nothing that screams 4th of July like Chinese food- twice. Steph and I started our day with a little Dim Sum (nothing spicy to report) in lieu of hot dogs and flammable materials. It was only when I was asked to go to the Old Mandarin Islamic restaurant by Steph's dad and his buddy for some dudes only spicy food eating. How could I pass that shit up? The main reason I was brought here was to try a dish whose Chinese name I've just forgotten even though I didn't think I would, which roughly translates to "killing you with spice" which sounds pretty sweet to me. The dish consists of minced chicken and about five kabillion different varieties of chilies sauteed in chili oil. Yeah, it fucking ruled! Anyway, what makes this even more awesome is that this isn't even an authentic Chinese nor Muslim dish. Instead it's a concoction thought up by the gregarious owner. Way to go my friend. You're advancing the spicy cause. Oh and did I mention that the smallish dining room was full so we were led through the kitchen and out the back door through a storage shed and into a room with two tables and a boat load of nautical accouterment. As we are currently working on ideas for the decor of our new house I will have to float this nautical idea past Steph to see if we can make this happen. I'm hoping you caught all the maritime references in those last few lines because I laid them on rather think.

The Spice must flow....................Just not from our arses.