Friday, January 15, 2010

Planetary Soul Fud

For my 35th birthday (Venus Years, so I am actually much younger.) I was taken to the Tenderloins finest, Farmer Browns. Steeped in Southern tradition and knee deep in bum urine it is one of the most delightful Soul Food eateries this side of Remulak. There was food. We ate it. It was delicious. Not the point! What I was concerned with was the sauce, the sauce d'barbeque. The single most burning issue (pun) concerning any barbeque sauce is the "hot n'spicy." Some people think that the most awesome bbq sauces are those that are uber sweet. Heavy doses of ingredients such as brown sugar, molasses, honey and probably even Splenda for fucks sake are what some people consider to be a delicious bbq sauce. I say Blech! Fuck you! Every spicy peep knows that its the capsaicin that wins the day. Normally this is a battle that I would initiate a huge Gangs of New York-esque street rumble in order to prove the point. But in an attempt to split the difference, an effort to try and bring people together, in the midst of San Francisco's own Skid Row Farmer Browns delivers a curve ball. Their sauce is a honey jalapeno sauce served in an old beer bottle (washed out I hope?)and it just looks awesome! I didn't know what to expect, what with all that super syrupy sweet stuff involved but holy fuck was it yummy. As far as getting too descriptive goes (read: rambling), I think you pretty much know what a jalapeno and what honey tastes like so there's no need for me to prattle on about it. Besides you don't have a sophisticated enough palate to know what it is you're eating anyway. I do and I say it was yummy. Also people don't just turn 35 on their own. I takes a lot of hard work to get to there.

The Spice must flow....................Just not from our arses.

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