Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shangri La. In my own house

Oh blessed bliss. Oh holy fuck I have found it! The most stunningly magnificent and dreamy chili laden machination Thailand has seen fit to jam into a jar. Yes, the entirety of Thailand, North to South. Be they Buddhist, Muslim or Ladyboy they are all equally responsible for this spicy beast, and I love them for it. Surely, you must know by now. Yes, it's totally Dragonfly Fried Chili Paste that I speak of. It's my hot n' spicy love potion number 9. I bought this little gut churning jar of evil at a small run down little Chinese dry goods shop in the "other" Chinatown, aka the Sunset, and more specifically on Irving Ave. This paste is so awesome! I use it for practically everything now. It's such a lovely shade of crimson and afloat in decadent exotic oil. Wow, I may have just confused my chili paste with copy from a flier for one of those smarmy massage parlors that seem to be all the rage with the middle aged portly man demographic. I may have just found a writing job that pays. Imagine me a massage parlor copy editor. Rad! Oh yeah the paste really is super red, super oily, which heightens the spicy, and it's a whole lotta delicious! But, it's way to powerful for you, for you have the spice tolerance of a Victorian era lady of some temperance.

The Spice must flow....................Just not from our arses.