Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I approve this message

On Saturday Steph and I ended up at the most oxymoron-ic of eateries. We went to Souley Vegan in Oakland. Our vegan peeps wanted to introduce us to some vegan soul food and we thou............................... Ok, I'm skipping ahead to the relevant part of this post and that is the Lemonade with Cayenne pepper. Hot damn that shit was good! I like lemonade. I like it a lot. I also like it with extra shit in it like mint or tea and sometimes booze. But I really like it when it's trying to fry my sinus cavities and this concoction made a bold attempt at that. Steph informed me that cayenne lemonade is like 2/3 of some miracle elixr that Beyonce drinks to either make her booty pop a little something extra or it might be to lose weight so that you don't get as tired when booty popin'. I'm not sure.

As you can see from my picture I and Ella Fitzgerald approve of this bev.

The Spice must flow....................Just not from our arses.