Monday, August 31, 2009

Thai Lays are Hot n Spicy

The Spice must flow....................Just not from our O-rings.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

L.A. does Thai because Not everyone can be a star.

Not but last weekend we flew our spaceship on down to Los Angeles. As the crow flies that trip takes us 6 minutes. We landed in an area of Hollywood known as Thai Town. I love me some Thai food and I also love little noodle shops and when I can find a Thai noodle shop well you can just forget it because that's rad! Thai Town did not disappoint because they had both of these things. We ended up going to a little shop called Ord Noodles and I was loving that shit! First of all I am a big stickler for going to places that are staffed ex-pats of the same country as the food. Nothing but Thai peeps in Ord Noodles. That's a good sign. It tells me that the food is going to taste like the old country. I like the old country. Secondly, the soup bowls came in a small size for $3.50. I like food that is cheap. That is also a good sign because it reminds me that I'll have more money for more food later. So what did I get for $3.50? Only a bowl of Hoy Kha. It had ground pork, sliced pork and some pork blood slices. That's an assload of pork isn't it? If you're a pig in Thailand, you're pretty much fucked. Anyway, The girl taking our order asked me how spicy and I said "make that shit spicy yo! I have a reputation to uphold." My soup arrived and it looked delicious. One the first things I look for in a bowl of soup are those lovely little lily pads of slick silk that float on the surface of the broth and climb the walls of the bowl. I just love they way they glisten so. Next I am hugely concerned with the noodles. I prefer them a little on the al dente side, and these didn't disappoint. The ground pork had a slight taste of iron which leads me to believe their might have been some liver or kidney in the mix, which is more than fine with me. Lastly they gave me a bushel of verdant cilantro and I was good to go. A major factor of Thai food enjoyment for me is the Prik Nam Pla. If you're not aware, to put it simply Prik Nam Pla is a dipping sauce. It's just yum-derful! It has all the hallmarks of the Thai flavor profile, it has fish sauce (salty), lime juice (sour), palm sugar (sweet), and the best part, Thai chilis (hot, duh). I dropped quite a payload of Prik Nam Pla ordnance all over my noodles and did it ever do the trick. My nose got a little runny and an extra napkin was required. Fucking brilliant! When next I'm in L.A. which will be soon actually I shall be returning to Ord Noodles for another bowl and a Thai iced tea. Holy shit I love Thai iced tea. Ok, it's a completely different subject but when I visited Thailand I had no idea how to order Thai iced tea. Seriously to them every tea they serve is "Thai" isn't it? So yeah, long story short I only ever got it the way I'm used to it once. If you know how to say it in Thai let me know because I'll remember it for next time. Oh yeah here's a pic of my soup.

The Spice must flow....................Just not from our arses.