Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A blurb about a blurb.

As a galactic spicy foods enforcer I tend to like sharing my own experiences in relation to my place in the Spicy-verse. (I just made that term up this instant. I hope it sticks even if it's a little silly) But, since as of late I have not had an intrinsically spicy experience epic enough, or even worthy enough to note I had to think of some other way to bore people. I mean I bought a jar of pickled chili peppers, and they're great but are they really that great? Maybe not. Are they worthy of a post? Definitely not. Besides they're not all that spicy. Steph and I recently traveled to France and Italy and I can tell you that among all of the culinary flash and pomp we experienced not a bit of it was in anyway hot enough to even slightly brown some toast. In fact if spicy foods powered your toaster you'd be very frustrated and complain that it is in fact broken and needs to be replaced because now you'll be late for work because you're hungry and you'll simply have to stop at Starbucks on the way in to the office even though you hadn't budgeted the time for it because you'd figured you'd just eat some toast on the way out the door. It is also may be no small coincidence that you don't see many French made toasters on the market.

In fact the most recent spicy food experience I had was watching Stephs dad liberally apply Sriracha sauce to some homemade Guacamole that he deemed "not very spicy." He seemed satisfied with the results and I take the mans word for it.

So with my current slump in effect I have decided to pilfer from others experiences. A video portion of a blog post from has been brought to my attention. In the video there appears to be much co-worker bonding in an attempt to foster a more productive work force. The only real way to do this is with a great deal of shenanigans. It is a widely held fact that a hot sauce eating contest is very high up on the shenanigans scale. It's actually only bested by incidents in which the tastee is unaware that he or she is about to consume liquid death by being burnt at the stake. One might say a true "roast" if you will. (OMG that was fucking horrible. I apologize.) Anyway, it seems my hot sauce test from last year posted on this very blog has finally caught viral fire so to speak. I am now famous. is now coping my antics.

But seriously, why Well the answer is simple. Steph's brother and a noted Spice Camper himself works for Zazzle. They make T-shirts. Of note in the video is their preparedness for such an undertaking. Please note the ice cream on the table. As any person of some minor intelligence knows it is dairy that makes the burn subside and not water. In fact with water you are adding fuel to to fire (Apt metaphor usage). Anyway enjoy and even though I am not given to pimping products, unless I am handsomely paid, go buy a t-shirt or a mug of some kind and help keep her brother in the lifestyle to which he is accustomed.

Zazzle's Friday Caliente! from Zazzle on Vimeo.

The Spice must flow....................Just not from our arses.