Thursday, January 15, 2009

Korea by way of Oregon

I just love our local Korean store, Kukje. It's a vast and wondrous hall of awesome. It's like all of Margaret Cho's jokes about her Mom come to fruition. I seriously love Korean food. The pickles, the garlic, the viscus goo that comprises the chili paste I love so much. Even though Steph isn't so interested in the rouge tint that the chilies in the spicy kimchee casts, she sure does enjoy the ample non spicy side and all of it's pickled offerings.  However, Korean food is not a cuisine that one can just whip up on the fly. It takes a good deal of practice and skill to make authentic dishes. Definitely not for the novice cook. But that doesn't stop me from trying. I'm also not afraid to take short cut if I think the end result will benefit all. Let me preface this by saying that Steph and I enjoy finding oddly packaged mystery food items or at least those heavily laden with Engrish and taking them home and trying them. Often we're roiling in an even mix of disgust and laughter. This post is firmly rooted in 
that vein. I noticed these boil in the bag soups and fell hard in love with the idea that they could be, good? What's more there was a spicy for me and a non spicy version for Steph. I bought them, and I half expected to hate them. I even purchased back up food just in case it was sub par. I had the pork and cabbage stew and I have to say I was having a total love affair with that shit.  Steph enjoyed the lone quail egg in her dish even though quail egg was the feature item in her boiled beef and quail egg in soy sauce. One would think there might be at least three quail eggs with it being part of the name of the dish and all. Needless to say our keen ability to find delicious rando food items is unparalleled. Oh and did I mention that once you get through the outer space language that North Koreans the world over endorse you find out it's made in Oregon. Go figure. Watch out Korea Town L.A. because Oregon's Korea peeps are making moves of their own.

The Spice must flow....................Just not from our arses.


Anonymous said...

so this means it was good right!?

i love all those things, but iam always frightened of bagged you said.....

but i mean...LOOK at the turtle on the front!
he looks like hes really enjoying his soup!

i use quail eggs all the time!
their sooo cute!
i dont really taste a difference either......they dont sell quail eggs in places like stop n shop, but they do at the fancier food stores, like whole foods, or wegmans......

put up some more vid's of you guys trying stuff for the first time!!

**its snowing here today!! huzzah!**

Spice Odyssey said...

Seriously I thought it was way Yum!

Quail eggs are real cool. I like how they look so miniature when using them. We have a can of Quail eggs waiting to be used.

Snowing? Blech!

Anonymous said...

this post is very usefull thx!