Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ko-Rhea Fud

On Friday night we'd just dropped our buddy Oliver off at SFO and Esther was left in our care as she is new to SF and didn't have much to do. Thus it decided that eating was the way to go. I'm always open to suggestion and Sushi had come up, but I was in the mood for something more substantial and then  it hit me. I was in the mood for some Korean. The trouble with Korean is that it tends to be a little rough on the Spice Campers as there's just so damn much spice in just about everything. Steph likes Korean, and agrees that it is tasty, but I just feel bad when something I asked the staff to make "non spicy" invariably ends up being laden with the hot stuff. 
We usually get the Korean BBQ, you know the kind where they basically bring a tray of hot coals to the table and you cook your own meat. This is very delicious, and not spicy on it's own. But, on this night I had no desire to smell like grilled meat nor did we feel like shelling out too much dough. So what the hell was I going to convince Steph and Esther to eat that wouldn't make them miserable. Then it hit me Dol Sat Bibimbap. this stuff is delicious. It's rice, meat, some veggies topped with a raw egg in a super hot stoneware dish. It gives the rice a nice crust on the bottom and cooks the egg. Lucky girls. 

What did I have? Only the most tasty and yes, spicy dish on the menu called Doenjang- Jiigae. It's basically a spicy miso stew with tofu, beef, onions, potatoes and delicious ja
jalapenos. I didn't stop there. I added a liberal amount of Gochuchung, which is spicy red pepper paste. It was served in the same stoneware as the Bibimbap and it made me sweaty and my nose was running. I gave it a huge thumbs up. 
Also, as per usual. I never think to bring the camera, so no these aren't my pics. 

The Spice must flow....................Just not from our arses.

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