Friday, October 17, 2008

achaar-ry or Damn girl! Your Hot Mango Pickle is bhangin!

Last night was semi-rando "Indian Cultural Edibles and Bhangra Appreciation Night." We ordered up a little India Clay Oven, and had that shit delivered yo! Anyway, yeah, we had Tikka Masala and some other Chicken Curry, and yes those are perhaps the whitest (re: least adventurous) things on the menu but at least the curry, which was of the Punjabi variety, was real nice and spicy. Steph got the mild Tikka, and it still burned her delicate mouth lining a lil' bit. Mild is a relative term. On to the crux of the message I am trying to deliver to you. One of my recent foodie love affairs is with Indian pickles called Achaar, espesh the mango variety. By the gods, these are delicious! OK, to be honest the first time I tried them, I hated them! These pickles are made from bits of mango, garlic, onions, and yep, HOT PEPPERS!!!!! soaked in salty oil instead of vinegar. But what do they taste like? Hmmm, a fine question indeed. To put it simply first you get socked in the maw by a very, very salty taste. Once that subsides, which is never, then you get slapped like Brenda Walsh would do to Dylan by the sour mangoes. Wait, it gets better because then the demon peppers start to commit unspeakable acts of horror. they'll call your mom in the middle of the night heavy breathing and the like just before telling her you got fired today, even though you said you didn't want to worry her and that you'd tell her in your own time and thus just creating an awkward situation for everyone but the peppers because they have just hung up on her and are now reveling in the misery they've caused (of course, since the spice affects me not I'm actually the one goading the peppers on in this case.). So why would you eat these crazy things? I dunno they just taste delicious to me and especially with a beer. I managed to find a jar of these at the store and I will be back for seconds. They're of British derivation and the brand is Patak's

 The Spice must flow....................Just not from our arses.


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