Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My new Fav Chips and Salsa combo. Holy Fuck are these good!

So there I am at Bi-Rite in the Mission when I discover these chips that look thick, golden and laden with salt like little pack mules in a salt mine. Don't get me started about the oily sheen, because they have that too.  These chips are by a company out of Sonoma called Primavera that seems to pride themselves on small batches using fresh ingredients. They also seem to pride themselves on the fact this little bag of bitch ass chips cost me 6 bucks. I am p-whipped on gourmet foods, and even though these chips would cheat on me the first chance they get and then ask to borrow money from me even though I know I'm a sucker for doing it, but I do it because they are FUCKING DELICIOUS CHIPS!!!!! Um, let's move onto the salsa. This stuff is dynamite, liquid dynamite and some surly drunken gold miner guy has just pushed that old-timey plunger thing and the salsa just went Kaboom with flavor all over my walls and even the ceiling which is going to be a horrible bitch to clean up but it's so worth it because this salsa is also FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!! It's not super hot, suitable for the Spice Cadet in your life.  Anyway the next time you feel like spending 11 bucks on chips and salsa, which would buy a controlling share in a taco joint just outside of Tijuana, this is the chips and salsa to spend it on.

The Spice must flow....................Just not from our arses.

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