Saturday, August 9, 2008

Episode 1 - Burma Superstar

Ok, so I suppose I'd like to start off by saying this post is originally from 5/10/08 and was sort of a quickie. But with that being said by all means go ahead and read it and pretend like we just posted it. Then please feel free to comment with your opinion. 

Greetings Spice Warriors. Your spice host and hostess have news for you. Tonight we visited a veritable hotbed of potential spicy / non spicy coexistence, Burma Superstar. This little Clement St. hot spot just hasn't been on our radar , mostly because we are uber lazy and we don't get over that way too often. But I digress, because we got spice to discuss. We ordered four dishes beginning with a tea leaf salad, which had a spice factor of nil (Spice Camper). Next we had some pea shoots which were in a garlic sauce, and we might as well not even mention this dish in terms of spiciness. Ok, moving on to the samusas which are very much the same as samosas. Here we came to a fork in the road as the actual samusas are simply potato and curry filled and yet very mild. Steph was able to eat two of them without so much as a drink of water (which actually makes the heat worse. Milk that's what you really want. But water just sounds sounds better from a writing perspective)However, it came with a red chili sauce that had a bit of a spice cadet factor that i found enjoyable. With that dish we both won. Lastly, we had Nan Gyi Dok (mild coconut chicken and rice noodle curry) and when they said mild, they meant it. (totally Spice Camp). Steph wins again. All in all a very delicious adventure and one that Spice Campers can certainly enjoy. Spice overlords will be heading home in search of a habanero to gnaw on

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